Tuesday, May 26, 2009

April Showers bring May's Thunderstorms!!!
This has been a month of many thunderstorms, or maybe I should say, the snowball effect getting out of control! Everything from orders to complete, the economy, local election results, and birthday parties coming out of my ears!!
I have had my busiest month yet on the web site, four birthday parties, two cookouts, soccer games, cub scout camp out, and a Mother's Day celebration later, I am finding that I crave stress. As a matter of fact I think I am a stress junkie! Maybe there should be a 12 step program for stress addicts.
The craziest part of my addiction is that I think that it's a fairly common problem. I am a total busy-body and I find that I go crazy when there is nothing to do, I am incapable of relaxing. In fact, I am relaxed when I am creating, weird huh?
The compulsion that drives me to constantly make busy work for myself is my ultimate excuse. I frequently use it as my excuse to not cook dinner, or do laundry. (Brilliant, I know). The deal is, I think that many people in this busy society try to fill themselves up with busy work instead of focusing on the empty space inside.
The empty space is different for each person. My empty space is/was not having a job that allowed me to contribute to the family income (I think). For others the empty space could be all that they do not have or all that they want.
My thought here is that if we try to fill the empty space with all of the wrong things nothing will ever seem to go right. It's only when we find the source of our emptiness and fill it with the right things that life finds the perfect ebb and flo.
So, with that said, bring it on Mother Nature and be prepared to take notes, because this mom is ready for the storm~!!