Thursday, April 23, 2009

A balancing act....

It always amazes me how many different jobs each of us has to perform each day. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, granddaughter, business owner, mousewife , artist, homeowner, maid, cook, housekeeper, nanny, personal laundromat, dog owner, my goodness the list goes on forever. I am constantly reminded what a delicate balancing act everything seems to be.

I often imagine myself as one of those ladies at the circus that balances all of the plates, cups, and bowls. Fifteen years ago I would have never thought that I would be able to hold a stack of plates from each of my hands, top of my head, and the tip of my nose, all the while asking for more.

Sometimes I guess we have to wonder at what price are we willing to sacrafice our sanity. With that being said, I have to admit that I am a stress adict. A major junkie! I do my best work under pressure, and often thrive in stressful situations. It is only when my brain is allowed to idle that I find myself wondering how I will ever keep up with all of the reponsibilites that are ever-present in my life. Some days I feel as though I can take on the world, and others....well, not so much.

I suppose the real lesson to be learned is to spend time with the people that are most important to you, enjoy doing what you love and you won't have to stop to smell the roses, life will already be a sweet success.

I guess that is why I do what I do, because I truly love every aspect of my life. I love my jobs, mother to four beautiful children, wife to a fantastic man, and owner of a great business. Who could ask for more?

Mommy Advice:

Just when you thought you couldn't give anymore, and you just might scream if the little one(s) ask for one more thing. They will be all grown up, self-sufficient and they won't be asking for anything. You might be surprised how lonley it can be not to be needed. So, the next time your little one asks for something, indulge them and yourself at the same time.